21 June 2021

介绍mg游戏主题网络系列#11 - mg游戏- dppnet

Noppanun Sookping

mg游戏中心残疾与公共政策, 也称为mg游戏-DPPnet, serves as a platform to build a key group of disability policy leaders with a vision to build a cadre of disability experts and leaders who will contribute to the vision of an ASEAN region that is inclusive, barrier-free and rights-based; and who will give impact to the policies that directly make a mark on persons with disabilities throughout ASEAN and around the world.

mg游戏- ddpnet是联合国第十二个主题网络. 它得到了日本基金会的财政支持. 马来亚大学担任mg游戏-DPPnet秘书处.

mg游戏-DDPNet was based upon the intention to create a trained cadre of disability policy leaders who shall inherently push for a more equitable society for persons with disabilities, 为推动mg游戏大厅包容、无障碍愿景作出贡献, essentially and positively steering ASEAN societies towards the implementation of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD), 仁川战略. mg游戏-DDPNet的目标是:

  • 促进研究生、实习和奖学金项目的发展和实施
  • 促进循证实践的分享, 体验和解决无障碍和残疾问题
  • 开展和促进继续教育和能力建设项目
  • 鼓励在联合国和mg游戏大厅国家开展合作研究,建立专家网络
  • 为政府及有关机构的决策提供参考

Several programs and activities centered around capacity building and public policy learning have been set up by mg游戏-DPPnet to bolster its mission. 在日本财团的财政支持下, mg游戏-DPPnet provides Postgraduate Scholarships to students with disability to purse their master degrees in wide range of programmes in ASEAN’s universities

专题网络运作的另一个基石是能力建设项目的运行. 可访问性 & Universal Design Training/Program is a capacity building program with the aim to provide a fundamental course to acquire the skills of understanding accessibility and universal design through mediums such as workshops, fieldwork, simulation, etc.,为参与者提供知识和第一手经验/培训.

mg游戏-DPPnet also provides academic opportunities for access to higher education as well as for contribution to collaborative research and social development projects in regards to the betterment of the community of persons with disabilities. mg游戏-DPPnet奖学金等项目, 校友社区计划, 多个mg游戏-DPPnet合作研究项目, for example, 作为此类行动的主要例子.

In substance, mg游戏-DPPnet intends to establish a bright ASEAN future wherein persons with disabilities can participate in inclusive and equitable ASEAN societies. 通过能力建设项目和贡献学术和合作研究机会, mg游戏-DPPnet moves forward to create a key group of disability policy leaders and provide aid to persons of disabilities as part of the efforts to achieve such a beautiful ASEAN vision in the near future.

mg游戏-DPPnet University of Malaya (UM) in collaboration with the Nippon Foundation of Japan (TNF) and ASEAN University Network (mg游戏) are committed to support the agenda of Inclusive ASEAN.


  • Email: (电子邮件保护)
  • Website: http://aun-dpp.um.edu.my/
  • 电话:+603 7967 7618
  • 办公室地址:残疾和公共政策秘书处办公室, Level 6, 建筑环境学院, Mercu Alam Bina, 马来亚大学,  马来西亚吉隆坡50603

在下一篇文章中, mg游戏中心来看看mg游戏-CA, 在联合国成员大学之间建立了一个文化办公室网络,旨在促进创造力, 在mg游戏大厅地区学生中开展文化艺术活动.